A Brief Departure from Healthy Food

So after a dietary downturn, (starting on Memorial Day weekend, I ate a hamburger (no bun), hot dog (with bun), a Coke; it was a true pleasure food experience, with good friends and perfectly ok as an occasional occurrence).

Instead of balancing this heavy sat-fat, LDL-producing (for me), required-for-this-holiday deliciousness, I have found meat irresistibly appealing on a daily basis. And then there’s the fact that when I eat something like a Burger-fi burger with French fries (Thursday), I have to have a Coke, which I have rationalized for forty years that I need to digest the heavy-hit-to-the-gut-event French fries.

Today, six days later, after a late-night breakfast including sausage links that were worth it at the time, my body is whispering to me that I’ve stayed too long at this party.

So, I will look at this as a blood-type-O cavewoman’s memorable feast, and get back to the inflammation-fighting, optimal-health-seeking way of eating that I mostly embrace..