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As I approach the middle of the sixth level, I realize that I still have so much I want to do, see and accomplish, mostly related to health and art.

A major goal is to live a lifestyle as free of degenerative disease symptoms as possible. Two of my stepfathers died of lung cancer and a third died from esophageal cancer. My late, great ex-husband died of brain cancer. Their lives were awful while they suffered from these illnesses.

I’ve learned a lot in the forty-five years I have been on a best health quest; I’m sharing what I’ve learned and I hope I can make your journey easier; also you’ll get some good recipes.

There are certain protocols and practices important to good health.
Blood screening is important to me; a full female hormonal panel is essential to monitor the topical bio-identical hormone cream that I depend on to normalize estrogen, testosterone and progesterone.

I believe exercise is required for good health. Everyone has different requirements. I try to do something physically active every day.

I feel best when my exercise program looks like this:

strength training 3x/week
cardio 2x/week
yoga 3x/week

My current reality looks more like this:

strength training 3x/week (with a personal trainer right now)
cardio 2x/week
looking for a new yoga studio!

Stay tuned..

Stephanie Shorr
Artist & Health Advocate
151 North Nob Hill Rd.
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33324