Follow our web series with Tasse and Steff for info, motivation and strategies to enjoy better health.

Steff is a passionate health and fitness advocate and artist and Tasse is a highly-evolved massage therapist who, in her recent life, managed behaviorally-challenged children and school programs.

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Tasse and Steff talk about the Challenge

New to strength training and showing a bit of trepidation, Tasse visits her new gym, Body Mechanics Fitness & Training, where she meets the owner and her new trainer, Tony Ferguson.


Tasse signs the Optimal Health Challenge Promise & Commitment Letter, promising to make the healthiest choices for the next twelve weeks.



Tasse’s talks about being receptive to taking the steps necessary to attain her  Optimal Health. She’s ready to take the Optimal Health Challenge: “To make the healthiest choices possible, to have regular physical activity.” She will start strength training with Tony Ferguson at Body Mechanics Fitness & Training; fantastic results guaranteed.


Optimal Healtth Challenge Screenshot