Better Digestion with my 2 Faves: Digestive Enzymes & Digest RC

Digest RC is the herbal formula I always turn to if I’ve overeaten or if I feel bloated. It has artichoke extract, so if I had had my gall bladder removed or if I had gallstones or an obstruction, this would not be a product for me, artichoke promotes bile secretion (I always check with my doctor about supplements). This supplement promotes healthy digestion and is widely used in Europe.

There is a lot of research on the positive effects this supplement has on digestion, including:

Eliminating toxins in the liver
Provide the correct pH for production of pancreatic enzymes
Reduce heartburn, bloating, diarrhea and gas


I started using digestive enzymes when I was about forty and I  learned the body’s production of enzymes declines. Digest Gold is kind of the gold standard here  in enzyme supplements for me for digestion; there is even a Digest Gold Lypo (fat) and Digest Gold Lacto (dairy).


A Tea for many reasons..

Spring Dragon Tea is one of my favorites; I think its amazing! – it’s an a caffeine-free adaptogen; supports alertness and focus if needed, and can also produce calmness and improve mood. So I can drink it in the morning or late at night too..
The main ingredient is gynostemma, aka “magic grass,” a green-leafed herb widely used in Asia to maintain health. Like ginseng, gynostemma contains saponins, health-promoting compounds that help protect the immune system and liver and may help reduce blood lipids and cholesterol levels. Other ingredients are schizandra fruit, goji berries, eleuthero root, astralagus root and luo han guo fruit. So, highly anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory and delicious, this is a staple in my casa!

Better Health by reducing Stress 

My favorite stress reduction supplement is Life Extension’s Enhanced Stress Relief.

I feel calmer and more focused when I take this supplement made from L-theanine from green tea and lemon balm extract. This potent combination may deliver any of the following benefits: promote relaxation and sleep; improve focus and attention; can reduce mood swings; may provide ex-smokers relief from stress of quitting; may lessen emotional hunger from dieting or calorie restriction; may normalize dopamine levels. Click on this photo to order my favorite stress reducer..

Enhanced Stress Relief, 30 vegetarian capsules


Actual Pain Relief in a Stellar Natural Anti-Inflammatory Supplement

Here is a natural anti-inflammatory supplement that actually provides pain relief.

Personally, I have a psychosomatic bent – everything pretty much works on me, I am so hopeful and positive about the supplements I take. So, although I have been using this supplement for years with great results, I am just starting to promote it now because of Reuma-Art’s successful pain abatement experienced by others:

An achilles tendon injury sufferer – felt pain relief in less than 1 hour

Someone who fell and had head and shoulder pain – experienced pain relief

A neighbor with chronic knee pain – took this supplement on her way to her doctor; by the time she arrived for her appointment, her pain was gone.

And most recently, and amazing to me – an allergic reaction subsided within 40 minutes of taking two capsules! A friend of mine ate a luscious nectarine and had an abcess swelling on her lip; she’s allergic to apples and cherries, possibly all tree-fruit. The swelling disappeared, another testimonial to the anti-inflammatory support provided by this supplement.

Reuma-Art was developed by Full Life for rheumatoid arthritis sufferers and everyone else can reap the benefits as well.

I have decided to rep this product because of the high rate of successful outcomes.

To order and receive 10% off Reuma-Art and any Full Life products:

Use Discount Code: Shorr



Immunity Protocol

When I need an immediate immune system boost..

If I was stranded on a desert island, these 3 supplements would be in my survival kit. I’ve used them for years with excellent results.
Moducare and Emergen-C have prevented many infections from overtaking me. My family and friends say I never get catch anything, which is mostly true.
If I’m around someone who is infectiously sick, I take 3 Moducare and Emergen-C as soon as possible. I always drink adequate water but especially if I feel like I’m starting to get sick. I’ve managed to avoid succumbing to many contagious colds and flus; I may be at the edge of it, just starting to feel the symptoms, and they disappear instead of develop.
I take Nature’s Way Original Sambucus, a syrup made from black elderberries if I start to have a sore throat; this product is delicious and I get a powerful dose of anthocyanins.
Moducare is a superstar immune-system booster made of plant sterols and sterols and strengthens the immune system.
Emergen-C is an amazing product that delivers Vitamin C plus manganese and zinc for the immune system, B vitamins for energy and electrolytes.
Nature’s Way Original Sambucus is a potent source of anthocyanins aka flavonoids of dark red or purple color. Anthocyanins are powerful anti-oxidants and used in treating many illnesses.

Moducare is my immediate go-to when exposed to or feeling susceptible to infection. Moducare was recommended to me by Dr. Gray Fenton to boost my immune system.


I like to take Moducare with EmergenC;. I feel they work synergistically; each enhances the effect of the other. My favorite flavor? Raspberry!


For Throat..

This is my favorite throat soother – it’s that elderberry.


Becoming a Supple Leopard

I love this book because it helped me attain proper stance and position, and how to hold my body to prevent injury and damage.
There are instructions on how to organize the spine optimally, to stabilize and transmit force to the primary engines of hips and shoulders, create torque, what torque is and what it does – “There is no getting around the laws of torque. This principle of movement is bedrock to all safe, high-yield movement. Torque gives the powerlifter..” me and you, too! “..the ability to minimize the variability in movement. If there is no torque, there will be instability. If there is instability, things get ugly quickly.”
and this “simple truth”: “Your body has an amazing capacity to deal with your poor mechanics. It also has an extraordinary capacity to self-correct with just a little input. All human beings should be able to perform basic maintenance on their bodies. It is both a human right and responsibility to understand how your body works.”
Before any specific movements are introduced, Dr. Kelly Starrett and Glen Cordoza list Adaptation Errors which have negative impact and need correction before significant improvement can be realized: no warmup or cool down, sleep deprivation, dehydration, poor nutrition, prolonged sitting, chronic inflammation, stress, insulin sensitivity.
I found that when I stabilize my core properly, it removes the nonstop gravity effect on the pelvic floor. This is something I was unaware of my entire life – when you stabilize, you can feel the difference.
There is so much incredibly helpful information in this book I keep it as a reference.

Better Health by factoring in Blood Type

The book “Eat Right for Your Blood Type” is a fascinating account by a doctor who monitored his patients’ diets (very forward for when he started doing it!).

The science is well-explained and you can go right to the basic lists of foods organized by blood type.

I have found that when I stay within the parameters of my blood type which is “O”, I have no digestive issues and feel great, good energy and stamina. I lose weight when I follow this diet because wheat is no friend of the “O” blood type.

Better Health by knowing your numbers..

Do you know your vital numbers and what they mean?
Scott Conard’s book, The Seven Numbers, explains clearly what you need to know.


Better health: I lost weight and maintained/improved my health from this information

Dr. Joel Fuhrman’s books have had a profound impact on me! When I followed his program, after 2-3 weeks, I was dropping weight fast. I gave up all animal products during this; I’ve added them back in, more out of habit and event than logic.. I am ready to start again..

My better health go-to’s for Sleep..

It amazes me how good I feel when I can manage to sleep for 8 hours, even 7!

Especially if I didn’t eat near bedtime.. Its no surprise but so inspiring to to see NIH research confirming the positive benefits of sleep.

My go-to supplements that have given me the best results are:

Melatonin (3 grams is a normal dosage and it works for me); I loveLife Extension’s Fast-Acting Melatonin drops or 3m sublingual tablets

When I need a little more, I put a teaspoon of Natural Vitality’s Calm in warm water – it fizzes and I have had blissful sleep from this combo!! Their recommended serving is 2 teaspoons which is 350 mgs. of magnesium. 1 teaspoon is enough for me – everyone has a different tolerance but too much magnesium has me running to the bathroom! Yes, magnesium has also helped me with constipation and on other occasions muscle cramps but I don’t overdo it.. 🙂


You can order these supplements:

Fast-Acting Liquid Melatonin, 3 mg, 2 fl oz (59 mL)

Melatonin, 3 mg, 60 vegetarian lozenges


Helpful articles:



Cleaning products that support better health

I love my new eCloth glass cleaning cloth because it cleans glass with just water! No more ammonia fumes from conventional glass-cleaning spray products for me!

Better health by increased knowledge 

One thing I learned from Andreas Moritz’ Liver and Gall Bladder Cleanse is when I feel hunger, it could be thirst, and easily abated by drinking one or two cups of water which is what my body was asking for in the first place. The signals are the same. And, if I eat between meals, my body attempts to start digesting the new food, even if the last meal isn’t entirely digested, which is bad news for my body.
Moritz writes “While the body is engaged in digesting a meal, it is simply incapable of producing and delivering sufficient amounts of bile and other digestive juices to properly handle another meal at the same time.”
and “Eating to the point at which you feel completely full, or feel that you cannot eat any more food, is a clear signal that the stomach has reached the point of dysfunction.”
I haven’t attempted to do the cleanse yet; I’ll discuss with my doctor first, but I’m learning a lot of valuable information from this book..

“Your Better Health Books & Products” have had value for me in my lifelong fitness quest. I am an artist, fitness and healthcare advocate/geek, not a medical professional; please consult your medical authority if necessary. You can click on the picture and order products; will receive a small commission from the vendor with no impact to you.